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Are you looking to enhance your health and nutrition with supplements or shakes? 
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For both my own health and the health of my clients, I believe that there are three phases to anyone's health journey:

  1. The individual takes control of their health through healthy eating, exercise, being mindful, etc. 

  2. The individual fills in the blanks with quality supplementation.

  3. When necessary, the individual becomes healthy with medical intervention in the form of prescription medication and/or surgery.

My job is to help my clients with Phases 1 and 2. 

In Phase 1, I can assist clients with:

  • Health Coaching: These are sessions where I assist the client with behavior change.  The client is in the driver's seat and ultimately makes their own decisions.  My job is to help them discover the best solutions for their health goals.

  • Personal Training: These are sessions where I design personalized workouts for the clients based on their fitness goals.

  • Small Group Exercise Classes: These are 45-minute, total body workout classes for groups of 10 people maximum.  With the smaller groups, I can attend to specific needs of the attendees.

  • Large Group Exercise Classes:  These are 45-minute workout classes for groups of more than 10 people.  Although modifications are always available, due to the larger size of the class, I may not be able to spend as much time with each individual attendee.

In Phase 2, I can assist clients with quality supplements and protein shakes through my Market America store.  Due to stress, low quality of our food supply, environmental factors, etc., we all need some help supplementing with vitamins and minerals.  I have been a user of these products for over four years, and I have found nothing but success.

In Phase 3, I can't help a client directly since I'm not a physician.  However, I can help a client find a medical professional through the use of my health professionals network.

"Really enjoy Debbie’s class!  Excellent workout and modifies workouts for all to participate!"

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