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Debbie Sindone
Chief Healthy-Living Officer

As your Metabolic Health Coach, I will be there as your accountability partner as you navigate through your journey toward healthy living. Do I expect you to be perfect all the time? Absolutely not! Just like you, I struggle, so I won’t expect you not to struggle. I will not tell you what to eat and what exercises to do, but I will be there to help you decide the best path for you. I will use my knowledge obtained from 10 years in the health and wellness industry and from experiences I have had through my own journey. Together, we go down the path and tackle each obstacle as it comes.

Why Choose Syrenity Health and Wellness?

Anyone who has been on an airplane has heard the safety speech to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting others with their masks, right? We do this so we don’t lose consciousness ourselves and therefore won’t be able to help others. Hopefully none of us will ever be in a crisis situation like this in an airplane or life in general, but this is a great metaphor when thinking about our day to day lives. Raise of hands: Who out there has put their children, spouse, career, aging parents ahead of themselves??? We all think that taking care of others is a great thing to do and it is! However, if we do it too often, who will take care of us so we don’t lose consciousness?


Many people think putting themselves first is selfish, but we need to get rid of this mindset. Instead, we need to define this as self-care which is the equivalent of putting on your oxygen mask first. Doing things like exercising, going for a walk, eating good food, meditating, etc. are all part of a healthy lifestyle which will help you live longer so you can enjoy your loved ones for years to come. As the Chief Healthy-Living Officer (CHO) at Syrenity Health and Wellness, my job as a health coach is to be an accountability partner to guide clients as they create their own game plan to achieve their version of “healthy.”



Health Coach

October 2020

Group Exercise

March 2015

Personal Trainer

July 2013


Yoga Foundations
May 2021

 Indoor Cycle
October 2013


Functional Training
June 2015

Suspension Training
May 2015

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